Well, as a fan of Young Justice I hate to see the show go, just as anyone else, I've signed petitions wrote several letters. There hasn't been any word at all if the show will be renewed for a third season. And if they were planning on renewing it, we would've known by now, so In all honesty, I don't think the series will be renewed for another season, despite all our efforts. I know  I will get a lot of hate for this post, but it's really looking like this is the end of the show.

Usually when a show is renewed they announce it before the show reaches it's finale, from my experience any how. I honestly don't see any complications at all about another network picking up the series. The show has lot's of fans and in terms of views is doing fairly well. In general, Cartoon Network does not care about our opinion, they don't care about Young Justice and this whole time they have been trying to kill the show, by consistently putting it on Hiatus every few months, and after the long anticipated return of the show, they give us a great 'surprise' by announcing the show will be cancelled and replaced with a watered down version of Teen Titans, and Beware The Batman, which will feature a set of small time villains that nobody care's about. Beware the Batman has been trying to air since 2009 because nobody wanted to pick up the show. ( No big surprise why.)

If the season was renewed for a third season, what would you like them to add to it, what would you  like to see more of? please comment below.

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