Couldn't think of another title.

Anyway, I have a theory about the Light and the Riddler. In the comics the Riddler has always been regarded as one of the world's most intelligent people. So it's blatantly suspicious that the YJ iteration of him would be a buffoon, and the only one who conveniently managed to escape Belle Reve.

I also doubt that the Light was assembled by one individual alone. All Ls have their own agendas and it would take a common goal to round up all those top-tier villains. And who's more top-tier than the old school Riddler?

Playing innocent and dumb is also not uncommon to Greg Weisman's characters (remember the Master Planner and my very own namesake?).

We all know the Riddler will have to play a big role in the future episodes and since there are only 8 left, and the Light's agenda remains to be revealed, I'm willing to bet that the Riddler is the true mastermind behind the Light. The true objective of the break out was to extricate the Riddler and they layered it underneath other supposed objectives. A puppet master pulling all strings is right up the Riddler's alley. Has anyone read Hush?

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