I would like to make a general appeal for everyone here who posts on AskGreg.

I've come to notice that some questions reference content from the wiki and then ask Greg for confirmation. I remember the Ben 10 allusion in "Infiltrator" and Savage's scars. But worse than that, I've seen torrents of questions taken directly from our "Unanswered questions" sections slammed into posts.

First of all, that is not the purpose of our Young Justice Wiki:Questions project. We do it to keep track of plot keys, and ideally we would prefer to have them answered within the show, not by Greg.

Secondly, when you post a wall of questions, that will likely prompt the so-called "smart-ass" replies Greg sometimes gives. And more often than not, very deservedly so. I won't link to the particular post, because I don't want to put the user on the spot, but it was something along the lines:

Q: Why is Paula Crock in a wheelchair?
A: She can't walk.

This one was amidst other 13 questions. Needless to say, 95% of the others were answered with the customary "NO COMMENT".

I'm sure those who do this are well-intentioned, but it may hurt our image. We do not want to flood AskGreg with our theories, unanswered questions, or links to our pages. At some point it'll start to look like we're gratuitously advertising our site. There's a name for that: spam.

So, please, try to refrain from pasting our content there and ask for answers or confirmation. Most, if not all, of our questions are spoilery, so Greg won't answer them anyway.

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