Lock down

As you may have heard, episodes 122-126 have aired in foreign countries and leaked on-line. Consequently, we have recently been assailed by a torrent of spoilers concerning major plot lines of those episodes, despite deterring pleas. Apparently, some anons think we can't wait to see the episodes ourselves and think they are providing a public service by spoiling them for us.

So in light of this, we have issued a temporary lock down for anonymous users.

What does this mean?

It means that you cannot contribute anonymously for the duration of the lock down. You must login or create an account if you wish to edit, contribute or post on Young Justice Wiki.

Can I still access the site's content anonymously?

Yes, but you can't edit it.

How long will it last?

It will last until all episodes of season one have aired in one English speaking country, because they have already aired elsewhere.

We apologize to the well-intentioned anonymous contributors and posters who bear no ill-faith, but this is regrettably a necessary measure to ensure we keep our visitors spoilers-free.

Naturally, the previous caveat still applies henceforth: if you deliberately ignore the no-spoilers policy, you will incur in a block.

Thank you for understanding.

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