On top of the many campaigns out there to save Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS, now there's a new one that will benefit not only us.

From the YJ Fan Videos Repository Blog:

Here’s your chance to help out and make an impact! The idea is simple enough, we’re donating YJ/GLTAS toys to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, in the hopes we can do some good and also garner media attention to our cause, and make enough of an impact that CN decides to continue the shows.
You can donate as many toys as you want, it depends only on your budget. We would love it if everyone, from both fandoms everywhere in the world could help, because that’s how we’ll make the most impact. Please don’t shy away from helping, since the more people, and the more toys will mean a bigger batch of toys sent to kids looking for a hero.

See here for more details of where you can buy the toys and where to send them.

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