Greg Weisman's latest Young Justice update:


  • 101-118 have aired.
  • 119-126 are all complete and in the can. That's right. All work on Season One is DONE! <whoo!>


  • 201-207 have all shipped overseas for animation.
  • 208-213 are all in storyboard and design. 208 and 209 are fully recorded, but we still have a few straggler voice actors to pick up for 210-212.
  • 213 records the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. (Script is done.)
  • 214 - I'm currently editing the script.
  • 215 - I need to edit the script, which writer Jon Weisman completed.
  • 216-218 - I need to edit the outlines, which writers Kevin Hopps, Brandon Vietti and Peter David have all completed.
  • 219 - I need to write this one. Yes, 214-219 are all basically sitting on my desk. I have officially become a logjam.
  • 220 - This one's in outline with the writer, Kevin Hopps.


  • Issues 0-10 have all hit the stands.
  • Issue 11 is being colored.
  • Issue 12 is being inked.
  • Issue 13 is being pencilled.
  • Issue 14 - I'm doing my pass on Kevin's script. (Did I mention I'm a logjam?)
  • Issue 15 - Kevin is working on his first pass at the script. But the basic outline is done.


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