Greg Weisman's latest Young Justice update:


  • 101-115 have aired.
  • 116-125 are all in the can, ready to air.
  • 126 is in post-production.


  • 201-206 are being animated in Korea.
  • 207-209 are recorded and are in storyboard and design.
  • 210-211 are partially recorded and are in storyboard and design.
  • 212 has a first draft script waiting for notes.
  • 213 has an outline approved waiting for me to script.
  • 214 has an outline that I should finish editing tonight.
  • 215 has an outline waiting for me to read and edit.
  • 216-220 are all in outline based on approved beatsheets.


  • 0-9 have all been on sale.
  • 10 is shipped.
  • 11 is being penciled.
  • 12 is being penciled.
  • 13 is scripted.
  • 14 is in script.
  • 15 has been plotted.


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