Just a general reminder about pre-airing episodes.

From our spoilers policy:

On Young Justice Wiki, spoilers are permitted after the episode or comics issue in question is released officially in at least one English-speaking country.

In light of this:

  • Please do not add information to articles based on leaks and/or promos;
  • Please do not create pages for upcoming subjects before their debut episode airs;
  • Please do not upload pictures for upcoming episodes from leaks and/or promos.

Thank you.

Nuvola apps important To reiterate the aforementioned notice, and in light of the (reported) leaked episodes: do not add spoilers to any part of the site. This includes—but not limited to—articles, forums, blogs, and replies. Spoiling future episodes will be interpreted as trolling and will result in a block.

Note: Though we strive to enforce this policy, and revert and delete spoilers as quickly as possible, traces of it could remain in article history or recent changes.

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