The DC Comics title Young Justice continues to hold strong on the monthly comic sales charts.

Five issues in, including the special #0 preview issue, and the Young Justice comic series is already proving to be a consistent performer in the comic book market place. The title, published by DC Comics, features stories that take place between episodes of the Young Justice animated series, exploring and expanding on the history of the team and their world. The series debuted in January 2011 with a special #0 preview issue, with issue #1 following in February.

Young Justice sold nearly 11,000 copies with it's #1 issue, a high debut for an all-ages Johnny DC title. The title experienced standard attrition in the following months, as comic shops leveled their orders to meet the expectant demand. Not only did sales level out quickly, a rarity in the direct comic market, but they are also increasing. Below are sales numbers, courtesy of comic shop retailer representatives, for the first five issues of the Young Justice DC Comics title.


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