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  • Superguy79 Looks like the team behind 'Legacy' has updated the site again, all slots full apart from one 'villian' character still not show.

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  • Superguy79

    Young Justice, part of the DC Nation animated block, will kick off its second season at the end of April.

    Source (video may contain spoilers)

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  • Superguy79

    Spectre in 'Invasion'?

    October 23, 2011 by Superguy79

    I found on wikipedia that apparently 'The Spectre plays an important role in this season.'

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  • Superguy79

    Although at the end of the episode we have Zatarra flipping out a little bit, how would you feel about Zatanna joining Young Justice?

    Personally i'm fine with it, i'm fine with anything the creators throw at us..

    and for those who were expecting Zatanna to be well older and a possible Aqualad love interest well there's always Wonder Girl..

    Also! i felt that i'd may as well add it here, i was on wikipedia and it said that Arrowette would be making an appearance on the show?..

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  • Superguy79

    The Injustice League!

    October 9, 2011 by Superguy79

    First up, Spolier..

    Ok, well it says for the next episode Batman will be sending the team to take down the Injustice League,

    for those who missed the trailer, you can see an image right here.

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