I Live in Canada, so I can't watch Young justice because I don't get Cartoon Network. Instead, I watch the episode on youtube.

On the episode Targets, Several people commented that lex luthor looked similar to superboy, and that they were going to be related like in the comics.

Personally, I find the concept of Superboy being made with Lex Luthor's DNAin the cartoon disturbing/unlikely for the following reasons:

  • He would be made with the DNA of two guys
  • He's a genomorph. He has Superman's DNA to make him more like the man of steel, not because it was neccesary to create him. why would he have someone else's DNA?
  • Supey may feel kind of... violated
  • Veiwers would find it gross
  • there's already too much of the "evil father" stuff happening here, seeing as Aqualad's father is Black Manta and Artemis's father is probably Sportsmaster, before you know it there'll probably be a twist ending where Miss Martians father is part of the light
  • If Superman was freaked out by the fact that he has a clone, imagine what his reaction would be if that clone was also 50% his worst enemy

What's your opinion on the subject?

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