So I love Robin. He is oh so wordy and fun. His cackle!! His jump ahead acrobatic style! The fact he's voiced by a singer and thus giving me hope for some sort of one day musical episode!

This whelming thing though. I like it...but I've heard it before.Most specifically in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You...and in an effort to kind of show how vapid the younger sister is. So in the first episode when Robin goes through his creation of whelmed it was practiacally exactally the same as the movie and I found myself slightly annoyed.

Apparently the cure for this is lots of fanfic. As I read it, it more and more becomes a symbol of his playfulness and reflects on his point of view wich is no where near vapid or stupid.

Current Favorite Robin fics: <--Dick Grayson kidnapped and the bigger sceme <--Justice Lords want their sidekicks back <- YJ gets beamed into JL AU where they had no partners <--some cute daddyBats stuff here <--awkward hilarity <- Robin & artemis are turned into villians

These all are my current nonslashy favs because they feature Robin being cool/smart, mostly in character, and some protective daddybats action. I also seem to like epic plots that involve interdimension travel or kidnapping adventures with Artemis. It just works out I guess.


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