There are very few shows that have sucked me to this extent. To the "I'm writing fanfiction and theroizing what the writers are going to do next while I slash my favorite characters together" extent. The anime One Piece really is the only thing even close and in a way, Young Justice had an unfair advantage.

My very first crush was the 1960's tv show Batman on Robin, Burt Ward. I was born in the 80's so it was reruns but his coolness stayed with me and I've sorta had a crush on Dick Grayson every since. A crush that had been more or less dormant since the 90's until Young Justice came along with Robin on rings and saying things like "Just Aqualad" while being too incredibly hot for a 13 year old. (Now I know how my friend who was into Harry Potter felt, sketchy! But at least I loved him since I was 5 so if anything Robin has been cradle robbing me! And he's batman for the time being in the comic anyway and probably about my age! So there!). Now I have gotten back into Dick Grayson with a passion and started buying batman comics again and fangirling about things DC is doing.

Okay technically I did like Robin in Teen Titans too but he was a little...high strung so I thought maybe my crush was cooling off a bit. (little did I know he was just in his angsty but delicious 'I don't need batman' phase)

But NOW I am head first in the fandom and love the show! Robin! Robin! So agile and techy! And what's this!? Kid Flash? I never even heard of him before (I missed that teen titans ep I guess.) AWESOME. I am so very Dick/Wally bromance (and more) supporter.

So this is my intro post. I'm Summer. Basically saying I'm here and obsessed and offer things. Today I shall offer 3 tumblrs that feed my fire.

I shall now post my thoughts about other things. Stay tuned. Oh and my tumblr-

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