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    Stuff I bought~

    July 30, 2011 by Summer.bradshaw

    So recent things I bought! *Beware of spoilers*

    The Young Justice season 1, Vol 1 DVD. - I think we can all agree it's pretty lame that it's only 4 eps for $15. I'm used to a full season or at least 12 eps for $30. I think that dissappointment factor could have totally been lessened if there were a few special features on the disc. Nothing special, even just a commentary or a few taped interviews about the show (easily pulled from last years comic con).

    So knowing this, why did I buy it? I mean I have almost every episode on my Tivo already. Well I want to make Fan Music Videos to the show much like THIS gen vid: Or THIS Robin/KF vid: . I did…

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  • Summer.bradshaw

    So 55 seconds into this video interview, watch it-

    Didn't watch? Okay so writer of the show is wearing a green shirt that has "Hello, Megan!" written on it in red type. He says that the t-shirt is a spoiler and for those watching the show gives a big clue as to what is up with her.


    1. Megan is the Mole. I mean the number one question floating around Young Justice right now is "Who or what is the mole?" And quite literally his shirt could be giving us the answer. "Hello, Megan!" Also the red color of the writing could mean 'danger', 'stop', 'warning'.

    2. Megan is a Red Martian. In Issue 6 of the Young Justice comic Miss Martian talks about being chosen by Martian Manhunter a…

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    I had such an epic blog post here about Targets but the internet lost it.

    If you need to see the episode check here: [link removed by administrator] Basically Cartoon Network hasn't aired it yet but streamed it on their website. Why? I don't know but some kind soul downloaded it and now we get to see secret agent Roy and plot unfold.

    ANYWHO! I shall try to remember what I wrote and post again in bullet points.

    • No Wally or Robin this episode. I missed them...sorta. I mean I did but I didn't because Roy was not only bad ass but NOT actually an ass for once. Dare I say like-able? Especially near the end with Aqualad with his youthful 'I'll be there for you bro' smiles. I VERY much liked his character growth in this episode and how he admits to n…
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    So I love Robin. He is oh so wordy and fun. His cackle!! His jump ahead acrobatic style! The fact he's voiced by a singer and thus giving me hope for some sort of one day musical episode!

    This whelming thing though. I like it...but I've heard it before.Most specifically in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You...and in an effort to kind of show how vapid the younger sister is. So in the first episode when Robin goes through his creation of whelmed it was practiacally exactally the same as the movie and I found myself slightly annoyed.

    Apparently the cure for this is lots of fanfic. As I read it, it more and more becomes a symbol of his playfulness and reflects on his point of view wich is no where near vapid or stupid.

    Current Favorite Robin fi…

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  • Summer.bradshaw

    There are very few shows that have sucked me to this extent. To the "I'm writing fanfiction and theroizing what the writers are going to do next while I slash my favorite characters together" extent. The anime One Piece really is the only thing even close and in a way, Young Justice had an unfair advantage.

    My very first crush was the 1960's tv show Batman on Robin, Burt Ward. I was born in the 80's so it was reruns but his coolness stayed with me and I've sorta had a crush on Dick Grayson every since. A crush that had been more or less dormant since the 90's until Young Justice came along with Robin on rings and saying things like "Just Aqualad" while being too incredibly hot for a 13 year old. (Now I know how my friend who was into Harry P…

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