I'm Steven Bomb 17, I was a pretty big fan of this show. I admit I didn't like it until a couple years ago when I watched a random episode from season 1 but after that I watched every episode of season 1 at least once. Anyways, don't lose heart over the series cancelation, CN will realize how much they need us and come crawling back. Also, I'm probably going to leave CN once Steven Universe is over if things don't improve, the network just doesn't seem to care about what people say anymore. This show, Teen Titans, so many good shows were sacrificed for these not so good shows, my schedule when SU isn't around is this Pokemon on Saturday, on the weekdays if SU is on then SU, if We Bare Bears is on then maybe that. I don't mean to sound like I'm whining but I need to say this stuff to get over Young Justice, I can't keep hoping that they'll get better which is why I'm giving this deadline. You know, this is ironic, I'm telling you not to lose heart and here I am doing exactly that but well not much I can say, had to get that out there. Welp, bye, I'm going back to the SU wiki were the fans feel loved by the creator.

P.S. I think that Wally is somehow alive and is just trapped in the Speed force. 

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