Don't get me wrong, when the series first came on, i was eager to see how well it compared to Teen Titans, and frankly, it does seem to delve deeper than TT ever did. Unfortunately, that's also part of my problem with the show. I know, the deeper plots and the more mature tone are there to make YJ a more interesting show. But at times, it feels like the complex story and twists the writers throw into the plot make the show a bit too complicated to follow. Sometimes, it's really hard for me to keep track of what's going on. There are certain parts in certain episodes that make me long for Teen Titans simplicity. This is just me, of course.

As far as Season two goes, i could deal with the whole 5 yr Time-skip, and the new characters, and even the whole "Aqualad gone traitor" and "KF and Artemis retire to settle down" twists, I'm even willing to let the "Speedy and Chesire" thing slide. But as far as i'm concerned, all of that is hard to enjoy as long as this "Superboy/M'Gann breakup" thing continues to thrive. Seriously, what possessed the writers to do this? In Season One, they really made it seem like MM and Superboy were meant to be together, they even made it so Superboy didn't care about the whole "White Martian" thing. And now they suddenly decide to add a breakup drama to the mix? How does that even work? Worst of all, they can't even pull off a "get back together" twist this time. Superboy obviously left Miss Martian for a reason and even if it wasn't a good reason and he feels bad about it, I sincerely doubt she'll be willing to take him back. And then there's the whole Lagoon Boy thing. Even if, by some shocking turn of events, they decide to bring M'Gann and Conner back together, it's a safe bet that they'd do it in a way where L'Gann gets hurt.

That's all i have to say

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