Okay, so I found out that they won't be showing any new episodes in January.

At first I was pretty annoyed. I'd waited all of December reasuring myself that it was only two weeks, one week, three days away. That 19th episode.

Now that I've gotten over my angry period, I know that I can wait. Everyone else will wait too, right? Becuase thats how loyal we all are.

And, even though now I'm just wallowing in re-watching the episodes all over again, and again, and again until the new one comes, I'm just wondering, why exactly isn't it coming out?

Now, to some of you this'll seem like a stupid question, but I've heard so many different answers to this question, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

Is it becuase other episodes are more popular, so they come first? Are they waiting to lose viewers because they feel the show is going no where? Do they not have enough funding to show the episodes?

I know for a fact that Season 1 episodes are all complete...if this is true....then why aren't they on our TV and laptop screens?

Sorry for my ranting.


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