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    Could this happen?

    December 3, 2012 by Sophiegaft

    We are currently watching YJ Invasion, and I know the idea seems improbable, but what does Wally's father even do in YJ. Isn't it kinda strange that he just happened to die in the invasion, and now YJ as a show has taken upon the Invasion story line?

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  • Sophiegaft

    It's a rather gloomy title, for a rather gloomy topic.

    I eagerly voted today on the Peoples Choice website...and was shocked to find that Young Justice did NOT get finalised as a nominee. I don't really know what to say; part of me was expecting it, I didn't expect all the fans to go and vote, and the majority of people- at least here- don't even know what Young Justice is...but it doesn't stop the dissapointment from coursing through my viens.

    What do you guys think? Why do you think we didn't get into the nominees? Can we still give it a go next time? And my personal favourite- What would we have achieved through this? Because personally, the only things I can think of are pride, an award and the attention of Cartoon Network.

    Over and Out.

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  • Sophiegaft

    Now, however, I find myself completely and utterly distant from the very show that used to be my best friend. And don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that this is because of Season 2. My views however on that matter....

    Season 2: I tried to be optimistic, but I just wasn't getting into it! I know, man! What's wrong with me? I'm not trying to bag the season, or the show....I'm just trying to make a point. Something happened, and I don't know what, but the very series that used to make me hyper for days and forced me to sit through haitus patinetly (which I didn't mind doing) has become just a memory.

    Season 1 used to thrill me, but even now, as I sit watching it, I'm not getting the same buzz the drug I used to call YJ would give me.

    I don't …

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  • Sophiegaft

    Even though every member was different, they all had one major thing in common, and it was something to do with the fans; we all had different views on who they were, what they were, and how we felt about them being members.

    For some, Robin was the ‘one’; the cutie, the talent, the unwilling leader; brave, strong and able to put a smile on anyone’s face. For others he was annoying, some just put him into the backs of their minds. Who would’ve thought how much he could’ve changed in the space of just five years? Now anyone can see he’d gotten more comfortable with everything; leadership, fighting. Some fans are still swooning over his much more developed maturity and place on the team; others are wondering how the Robin they knew could so qu…

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  • Sophiegaft

    I'm aware a lot of people are dissapointed with the first episode...and I also know that plenty of people are feeling the aster.

    I guess I have mixed feelings about the whole episode.

    I mean sure, it's a hell of an abpubt move that Greg and Brandon made- 5 years into the future, does no one else feel this is taking out the whole 'character development' factor that everyone enjoys? I know we will have flash-backs in episodes, I mean, they're bound to happen, right? And the game is set in between season 1 and 2- that'll tell us what has happened in the five years (or one would hope).

    The characters seem cool. I'm whelmed by Lagoon Boy, Bumble Bee, New Robin, and Wondergirl- but I'm looking forward to how they play out Beast Boy, and I've always…

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