While we wait for DC Nation to come back on January, I thought I'd take the time to make the following blog.

Ever had a YJ episode you felt moded by?

This is the place to make a list of YJ episodes you love to hate. Also, be sure to include your reasons.

Here's mine:

  • Infiltrator (What does Kid Flash do instead of welcoming Artemis with open arms? Bicker with her too often, that's what!)
  • Denial (I would be offended if I had magical powers and Wally said magic was a lie in front of me.)
  • Bereft (As usual, Kid Flash and Artemis? Three little words: Worst. Couple. Ever.)
  • Failsafe (Miss Martian's a good girl! She doesn't deserve to suffer!)
  • Disordered (There goes Dick's chance of being the new Batman.)
  • Misplaced (Zatanna lost her father to Nabu! Not that anybody who still hates her cares!)
  • Insecurity (Wally has some nerve calling Artemis selfish!)
  • Darkest (I don't know what I found more appalling: Impulse, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle being captured or the destruction of Mount Justice!)

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