While I consider Young Justice the best cartoon DC, WB, and Cartoon Network have ever produced, there are some things about this show I don't treasure.

  1. Speedy (who then became Red Arrow) decides to resign thinking no good will come out of being part of Young Justice. Until Targets, I thought he was such a stubborn jerk.
  2. Ever since Artemis joined the Young Justice, Kid Flash not only didn't trust her, but never stopped arguing with her either. If only the day they put aside their differences would come.
  3. In Failsafe, not only did a stimulation go wrong, but seeing Miss Martian cry was the worst thing of all as well! I bet those who hated Miss Martian are gloating at her!
  4. I have the feeling that once Artemis does say that Cheshire and Sportsmaster are related to her, it'll cost her the trust of her friends.
  5. As revealed Image, Miss Martian is a White Martian as Psimon and Queen Bee found out. Could this destroy everyone's trust in M'gann? Are her days of becoming part of the Team history?
  6. Because Zatara is forced to be Dr. Fate's new slave, Zatanna is depressed. Even though she's part of the Team, she still has the blues. There's no way she can get over it. You wouldn't either if you lost your parents or your friends.

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