It dawned on me after watching Runaway's for the 100th time: can the liberated abductees power come from their inner person?

Take Tye for example. He was pretty much a nobody in his household because of Maurice so he ran away. Yet, ironically, Tye's ability is to create an astral form larger than himself. Could this mean that deep down Tye wanted to be the "big man"?

As for Ed, he ran away from his home(s). His power is teleportation. Could this be a base for his power as well? The power of teleportation to escape from things seems similar to running away now doesn't it?

To me, Asami's powers are debated; wether it's wind or sound she uses. I personally say it's sound but that is for the producers and writers to know and for us to find out. I can't say much because she is based off of Samurai and his aerokinesis ability.

And finally, Virgil. "...being eaten alive by lighting." No surprise there seeing as he did say "static shocks" as well. I have bothing to really say about him seeing as he's a well-known character in the DC universe.

Opinions? Comments? Statements?

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