I was thinking, some characters didn't get to much "action" in the show. Granted I can't find a decent website where I could read the Young Justice comics, I wouldn't know. First, let's start with the Leauge. Some characters seemed... domestic, quiet, whatever you want to call it. The Leaugers I'm talking about are:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Captain Atom
  • Hawkman and Hawkwoman
  • Green Arrow
  • John Stewart and Hal Jordan

Wonder Woman obviously got some action when fighting on the Watchtower and on Malina Island. As well as being one of the six Leaugers who went to Rimbor.

Captain Atom seemed to do enough by absorbing radiation from that nuclear plant in Taipei, coupled with the way he took charge of the Leauge during the Krolotean invasion.

The Hawks were just there as backup as I picture it. Chopping up plants. Though Hawkwoman was chosen as one of the six Leaugers to go to Rimbor and wreck stuff.

Green Arrow... well, he seems laid back so I wouldnt say he hasnt had action at all in the series but still...

As for the Green Lanterns, I were never fans of them when I was younger but hey, everyone deserves a second chance. Even John was another Leauger to wreck stuff.

All comments are welcomed. Clean ones.

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