Is Black Beetle losing his touch? When he first appeared, he took down Superboy, Wonder Girl, Bubblebee, Robin III, and Lagoon Boy. When he went up against Blue Beetle, in my opinion, he won by a hair. His next battle fighting Blue Beetle, Robin III, Impulse, Arsenal, and Green Beetle his armor was severely damaged by Arsenal's laser beam. No one else except Green Beetle and Blue Beetle were able to scratch him. Finally, with him up against Arsenal, Virgil, Asami, Ed, Tye, and Mongul, he had the advantage until Mongul attacked him. With Reach weaponry, Ed and Arsenal were able to damage his jetpack and Mongul was left to subdue him.

So again, after three conflicts, has Black Beetle lost his touch? Or was he simply over powered? I leave this for you, fellow Young Justice fans, to decide.

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