I just thought about this; with Kaldur in a catatonic state, and since Artemis (aka Tigress) was his right-hand, does this mean that Deathstroke/Slade will become her new boss? I mean, we all saw him and Tigress in the promo-trailer.

With the turn of events, I can safely assume, ,if someone doesn't rain down on my parade, that Tigress will become Deathstroke's right-hand as well.

(And for your Spitfire shippers out there, you're probably wondering, "What about poor Wally?" At some point, she will probably go back to him, like a secret meet up or something. Probably between the time of Kaldurs mind wipe and her being seen with Deathstroke. Dont flip out like the Birdflash shippers did when Dick vs. Wally...)

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