• Skye4376

    Is Cheshire a Clone?

    August 21, 2012 by Skye4376

    A thought came to me recently so here it goes. I think that it may soon be revealed that Cheshire/ Jade Nguyen is actually a clone of her mother Paula Crock. The reason that I think this is because we all know that Conner was a clone of Superman, and so they had the same voice actor. For a while we thought that Jim Harper/ Guardian was the uncle of Red Arrow and they had the same voice actor, of course now we know that the reason why their voices were the same was because they both were cloned from the oringinal Roy Harper. So, I think that Weisman/Vietti have used the same voice actress, Kelly Hu, to voice both Paula and Jade in order to reveal in a later episode that Jade was a clone of her mother as well.

    So, what do you guys think?

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  • Skye4376

    okay, now we all know that superboy has not visibly aged since the first season due to a side effect of being cloned. however, i want to ask has anybody else noticed that superboy's hair color seems a bit off? i mean in the first season his hair looked jet black, but i noticed that when supeboy and nightwing were together, his hair color seemed to be off-black, not jet black like it was initially.

    what do you guys think? am i just seeing things or what?

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  • Skye4376

    YJ Kisses

    April 23, 2012 by Skye4376

    truthfully, i already wrote this in tumblr, but i want to bring it here too. here it goes:

    i just want to say that for one, i was a fan of the kisses near the end of the episode. because these kids not only just defeated part of Light’s (a group of supervillains) plan, but they also beat their older, more experienced mentors as well. so after going through such a death defying mission, i can understand that they would want to celebrate with an old new years tradition being the new years kiss at midnight. was it cheesy? yes, but aren’t all new years kisses cheesy? i would think so. now for the whole kaldur/rocket kiss. i thought it was very well done contrary to what other fans might believe. she kissed him on the corner of his mouth, they…

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