If this has already been addressed in another blog, I'm sorry, I didn't see it.

Alright, so I've heard from several sources, including an interview of the producers of Young Justice that Nightwing has become a 'dog' during the five year gap. Meaning, that our dear little Grayson has turned into a flirt. So, I wanted to know... What do you guys think of it? Chalant shippers, Dick/Babs shippers, heck, even Dick/Starfire shippers since she is supposed to appear if there is a season 3. I know Nightwing is a 'ladies man' in the comics, but I was hoping that they would preserve some of that adorable uncertainty when it comes to a girl he likes (note: The fact that he was stuttering a lot when he first introduced himself to Zatanna), but I guess not all of our dreams can come true... So, I just wanted to know what you guys thought! I personally was hoping that we'd get some Chalant in season 2, but because of the dog comment... In short, my hopes were dashed XD. So, I just want some more opinions on this, like who Dick has dated over the five year gap.

Here is the link to the interview where the dog comment is mentioned:

The specific section (if you don't want to hear the rest), starts at 7:58 to 8:20 aproximately.

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