Things i like

1) basicly everything

2) more artemis and wally yeah

3) superboy finding out superman had a fortress of sollitude (i'm very bad at spelling)

4) superboy getting pissed when thought to be superman

5) the team up of other heroes

What suprised me:

that miss martian was actually stronger than freakin martian manhunter not only did that suprise me and busted her up to my top five faves, but that she is freakin better than martian manhunter


the whole time i was watching this episode i just kept thinking the aliens have to be white martians over and over again i don't know why but i just did

i was shocked to find out this was a training session and a little upset as well (but iknew there had to be a twist to it

so what did u think of the episode i thought it was pretty awesome just a little upset that mal duncan and karen beecher didnt jump it to help but whateves.

PS: when they were annoyencing who of the superheroes died did anyone else realise that they said Icon, even though he isn't part of the league or is that a hint saying that their are actually more justice league members that are kept secret from the world

oh and rocket was in this episode too so she must be introduced really soon, i was going to say something else but i forgot so yeah what did u think

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