Sadly I didn't get to see this episode when it premired instead me and my family went to go see Tower Heist (totally worth it though). Then my family decided to go get some dinner were one of our dinners were free because my dads in the military and all that. Why am I talking about my personal life? Anywho:


1) The whole Black Canary being a therapist was cool

2) Seeing Superboy act more like a teenager a rebelous one

3) The Spitfire moments

4) How Superboy just seemed to have more to contribute to the episode


1) I wasn't to crazy about the new gods, I personally thought that they were a little weird/odd


I thought it was a little weird like when Batman was showing emotion like regret and stuff like that I was thinking what the heck this is the freakin Batman he shows no emotion.

I thought it was really weird that when Black Canary pointed out that she had become her alter ego, first Miss M freaked out then she said she was okay with that just not like turning actually white. That got me thinking like alot.

This isn't usually how I do my blogs but, trying to be more organized and stuff like that. I would give this episode like a 3 and half out of five. I don't know I just didn't care for it that much. But that's just my opinion what did you think.

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