• Shade234

    I think their could be many Mole's for many reasons. M'gann, she's is being blackmailed by Queen Bee. Superboy,Lex Luthor gave him the shields, which make him angrier and angrier, and who knows what things Lex Luthor did to him when he said Red Sun. Artemis, her father is Sportsmaster and her sister is Cheshire; however, at the end of Insecurity, her father told her "It's time to switch sides." so I don't think she's the Mole. Aqualad, his father is Black Manta, right? Or maybe he was telling Prince Orm AKA Ocean-Master some of the team's secrets. Zatanna, something tipped me off about her; it was in Secrets, after Artemis wouldn't tell her about her sister, Zatanna said "It's better to have your secrets come into the light", I dunno. Red A…

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