So in this blog I will be talking about the relastionship status on Superboy and Miss Martian and even though the 2 are broken up i can still see that they still like each other and in some episodes I can see some hints for example.

  • Conner still is not happy that La'gaan and Miss Martian are dating (Happy New Year,Salvage and Depths)
  • M'Gann said Conner's name when she and Beast Boy were attacked (Earthlings)
  • Miss Martian cried when Conner brought up for what she did to him and she still has guilt (Depths)
  • Conner tried to comfort her when Artemis (died) and La'gaan was taken prisoner (Depths)
  • M'Gann feels sad that she won't be throwing Conner a suprise B-Day party like she does every year (Satisfaction)
  • Conner tells her to becareful and M'Gann says the same thing (Earthlings)

and that is what I have but don't worry if I can I will be giving our more information on every episode I see talk to u's soon.

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