So, I'm kinda new to the series, but I absolutely love it. M'Gann and Conner are so cute together with the fact that both have yet to fully understand our Earth culture. Wally and Artemis are obviously in denial......

Anyways, since (as the title says) I'm such a n00b, I don't know if Dick is just super smart or there are other 13-year-olds at Gotham Academy, or what. Could someone please explain this to my poor n00b self? I'm writing a fanfic ( about another 13-year-old that Bruce Wayne adopts and she happens to be Catwoman's (Where has SHE been throughout the series?) former protegee. It's called Kitten's Claws if anyone's interested......but Bruce is enrolling her in Gotham Academy with Dick and I need to know if the Boy Wonder is super smart like he is as Robin with the hacking and stuff, or if he has average intellegance.

Thanks for all of you who respond and help and also to all of you who actually check out my fanfic. :D

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