• Reiko96

    Could it bee possible that in original timline where Barts from the Reach killed Jamie on the Reach ship due to the fact that Impulse( Bart ) would of never of been there to save him when the Reach scientist ladie was trying to kill him in order to remove the sacarb so she could reboot it etc.   Just note that in the original timeline Tigress and aqualad would of still been undercover and Aqulad would of still given Nightwing the flash drive with the info on the Reach's activities. Note : Impusle arrived on February 28th 2016( Bloodlines ) which at this time only Aqualad would of been undercover not Artemis due to the fact the the events of 'Depths'  not occuring yet.

    ( Original tmeline aka Impulse's Future )..So say that  the scientist fem…

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