Artemis in 2010
You could start by admitting you're not really Green Arrow's niece.

This article contains spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Well it looks as though Greg's back to posting regularly again, hopefully meaning all S2 episodes are in the can. This recent update tho he was in an oddly spoiler-ish mood.

This is the one i am most interested in personally, Atom will apparently play a fair role this season with his scientific expertise. He also noted that his field is Physics specifically which although true to comics, is not normally something i feel he would feel a need to pin down. So what this season could need a Physics Expert

-Metagene is biology, and while Atom's white dwarf based physics does interact with biological lifeforms, it's really not it's strong suit considerring that when it isnt Him, it blows up. Shows how much physicist work well together with biologist quite well I think lol

-Zeta Tubes: Well krolos are sorted and we seem to alreay have 2 experts on that with Adam Strange and E. Dorado Sr. though since Dorado will be seen it's possible there'll be a meeting of the minds of sort, maybe to stop the Zeta Sheild or something since it has them trapped.

-Boom Tubes: eh dont like the idea of more apocalypse this season, and i think it'd be easier just to use Sphere phone home.

-Bumblebee: since the show is typically supposed to be about the teens, and BB is Atom's protege as hero and lab assistant, it could be moreso their interactions/ her forming the idea that is his incorporation into series common. Would also account for Greg letting the Atom bit go, since it then would not be about Atom. Troll Greg 1, Spoiler Greg 0.

What do you think, or am i alone in the interest of Ray Palmer. :'(