Breaking it down, most characters' tactical capabilities and roles can be slotted to two categories, which coincidentally coincide with Black Canary's comment to the Team's training that Action is better then Reaction to controlling a fight. It's my opinion that fans prefer the one style over the other which leads to them thinking the characters that don't follow suit as either foolish, naiive or incompetent.


  • Batman.
  • Aqualad.
  • Princess Tim Drake.
  • Impulse.
  • Blue Beetle
  • Superboy Season 2
  • Justice League
  • Green Arrow


  • Captain Atom
  • Nightwing
  • Arsenal
  • Lagoon Boy
  • Guardian
  • Superboy Season 1
  • The Light
  • The Reach
  • Miss Martian


  • Independance Day/Fireworks. The Sidekicks acted, they succeeded entirely, freeing Superboy and uncovering Cadmus' secrets. Batman didn't act even though he'd had his suspicions for months.
  • Superboy's rash attitude in Season One allowed them to find out about Apokalips. Now that he's tempered, he's allowed crazy martian psycho to rape people's minds every other sunday. I prefer him in Season Two, but which was more successful?
  • Almost all the missions were at the behest of the League, those that weren't, such as Humanity, were far more successful. Independant Action>League Sanctioned Reaction
  • Aqualad's leadership, in general, was reactionary. It failed on multiple occasions when it was simply outclassed. Nightwing's leadership focuses on acting to gain an advantage. While it has yet to gain said advantage, it also hasn't been seen to have given the Light an advantage and for the parts he's aware of, it's all went according to plan.
  • Captain Atom, yes, I'm saying his leadership is better then Bats. Batman had five years and didn't think to try space despite knowing the Light had access to Zeta-like radiation AND Apokalips on Speed-Dial? He was obviously too busy reacting to the current state of Earth then acting to control the situation. Captain Atom, is doing the best he can given a bad hand. And in the field is Way better then Batman, whose repetoire of martial arts has been reduced to "Sucker Punch."
  • Green Arrow's discovery of the kidnapped Speedy, he was too forgiving of Luthor. After he got what he needed, he didn't ensure they got what they deserved. Arsenal, within days of defrosting, did. A major assault on LexCorp, incapacitation of their top guards. And walking away with a great weapon to use against him. Arsenal's actions against the Reach in True Colors further demonstrate that. He's not going to wait for Reach to poison humanity with their Quantum Juice additive. He blows it up. The mission objectives were flawed, his actions were not.

It is better to Act then React.

Now, lets see how it lines up with people's opinions.