• Ashcat19

    Action V Reaction

    January 25, 2013 by Ashcat19

    Breaking it down, most characters' tactical capabilities and roles can be slotted to two categories, which coincidentally coincide with Black Canary's comment to the Team's training that Action is better then Reaction to controlling a fight. It's my opinion that fans prefer the one style over the other which leads to them thinking the characters that don't follow suit as either foolish, naiive or incompetent.

    • Batman.
    • Aqualad.
    • Princess Tim Drake.
    • Impulse.
    • Blue Beetle
    • Superboy Season 2
    • Justice League
    • Green Arrow

    • Captain Atom
    • Nightwing
    • Arsenal
    • Lagoon Boy
    • Guardian
    • Superboy Season 1
    • The Light
    • The Reach
    • Miss Martian

    • Independance Day/Fireworks. The Sidekicks acted, they succeeded entirely, freeing Superboy and uncovering Cadmus' secrets. Batman didn't act even thou…

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  • Ashcat19

    Roy's ACTUAL arm

    October 23, 2012 by Ashcat19

    Okay I bought the whole using his arm to perfect viability of Cadmus' human cloning, it made sense, I mean cloning is hard (and messy ;P ), for it to require that much tissue, fair enough, but reading Roy's page noticed something that could suggest something a little more sinister, also explaining why Roy was targeted as a clone over other sidekicks or heroes, an additional reason for his behavior in Satisfaction at the end (which I also considered to be fair under the circumstances.)

    In the comics, Roy and Lian through him were far descendants of Vandal Savage, and because of that targeted him as a source of organ transplants to keep him alive (or fresh/? since he can't die), I'd imagine that centuries of equisite wines and liquor would do …

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  • Ashcat19


    August 25, 2012 by Ashcat19

    Reread comics 1 through 16 and came to a single significant concluion: I really want to know what the hell the Serpent and the Garden are.

    For those who dont read the comics, after a failed attempt at radical ecoterrorism and one of his famous deaths, Ra's al Ghul orderred his subordinates in the League of Shadows to prepare "the Serpent", commenting that if their dealings with the light do not pay off, then only "Eden" will suffice. "The Garden" was also mentioned though i take it to be synonomyous to Eden.

    Ra's goal from the comic is clearly to revert the world to a state with nature as the dominant force on earth. He was using a diamond lense to make precise strikes from orbit to destroy developed cities around he world. Eden was known a…

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    August 2, 2012 by Ashcat19

    Right well basically after a week of lectures and notes on Wave Physics, with attention drawing to a sleep point, i made a connection between it and pretty much /impulse's entire role at present/past-whatever

    Ok, ill skip any of the complex maths but here's a general ooutlin

    • vibrations oscilate in a wave formation plotted against time:Impulse can vibrate molecules through matter already
    • Electromagnetic waves, consist of electric and magnetic waves and are commonly refferred to as the Electric and Magnetic Fields.
    • A standing wave is basically a wave with continual motion,unlik a wave in a pool or a pulse of light, these do, but only brief period of time. In these standing waves there are postions where the wave has a displacement of zero regar…
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  • Ashcat19

    Well it looks as though Greg's back to posting regularly again, hopefully meaning all S2 episodes are in the can. This recent update tho he was in an oddly spoiler-ish mood.

    This is the one i am most interested in personally, Atom will apparently play a fair role this season with his scientific expertise. He also noted that his field is Physics specifically which although true to comics, is not normally something i feel he would feel a need to pin down. So what this season could need a Physics Expert

    -Metagene is biology, and while Atom's white dwarf based physics does interact with biological lifeforms, it's really not it's strong suit considerring that when it isnt Him, it blows up. Shows how much physicist work well together with biologis…

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