First off, I want to say thank you for all the comments on my last Regular Thoughts (really means alot). Now I'm just gonna jump into today's topic...


Cancellation of the GOODS

Over the past three to four years, we've lost many shows. Good Shows. Shows that entertained us, shows that made us laugh, shows that made us cry. But you'll cry much more, when you hear that the shows you fell in love with is cancelled. *Sigh* We get left on a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER, and BOOM. We'll never find out what happens next. Only a handful of shows ever return from the dead, but most remain in their graves. The reason I bought this up is because, I heard some shows currently on TV may get cut. The Avengers: EMH, and maybe Young Justice. It's rare these days that a show goes past a second season, regardless of ratings and positive reviews. So I ask you, what shows do you want back, and if they did return, what would you like to see happen? And, if you were a TV executive, what two shows would you cancel, and why? And what two new shows would you replace them with?


Comic-Con is coming up, and Wiki is doing..ummm...somethin' special, I guess. The chances to represent your Wiki at Comic-Con. I haven't read through the message yet, but I think that title says it all.

Young Justice: Character Creation

Character Creation. Again the Title says it all...well mostly. I am hosting a contest to find the BEST Young Justice character creation. But, what's a contest without rule?

  • Character must have a "superhero name" and a birth name.
  • Besides having powers, the character must have another skill set.
    • Examples: Hacking abilities, Knowledge in certain subjects, Strategic planning, Multilingualism, etc.
  • Write a brief background/origins.
  • Character can have an already existing mentor or a completely made-up mentor. This is optional.

Link: Character Creation

Remember have Fun!!!

Street Brawl

Comic Rumble Battle Royale has started, and only the toughest, meanest, coolest, (and fan favorite-est) can survive. Head over and vote for your winner now!!!

The Battle lies here!

Hoped you enjoyed my thoughts. Feel free to discuss below in the comments.

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