This my first blog on this wiki, so I wanted to distances myself from the others. And what would be better then a series of my thoughts..............


Marvel owning DC?

When was the last time we saw a good DC movie? The Dark Knight, maybe. Green Lantern was okay, but anything else? Well we do have The Dark Knight Rises and the Man of Steel comin' up, but will that be enough to stop the Earth's Mightiest Heroes (The Avengers)? People have have said, "DC beats Marvel in Animation". Truth is, movies get more publicity/money than cartoons. DC needs to step up, especially since Marvel has tons of projects comin' up. With Nolan's Batman trilogy, will DC reboot the character just for a JLA movie?

Young Justice: Salvage

My favorite episode of season two so far. I was intrigued about the main plot about Hobo Arrow. Seeing Wally back is a "Pwf that was a close one", the YJ crew could have just killed him off and covered it up with some story. More clones here and there. And the "partner".(anyone who says it's an human/meta-human villain is wrong, it's clearly an alien) (Points for Sportsmaster).

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Hoped you enjoyed my thoughts. Feel free to discuss below in the comments.

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