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    So, as many probably have I have jsut watched the new seasons episode of Young Justice. It was over all good seeing the team in a time skip of 5 years (although it posts open many questions to many of the fans probably, myself included), and brought up many new characters as Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, BumbleBee, Blue Beetle, Bat Girl, Wonder Girl, Mal Duncan, and Robin II. As seen in the episode Artemis, Kid Flash, and Aqualad are still unaccounted for.

    I was kinda sad about the time skip as I wanted there to be more about this big dissapearence of Roy/ Speedy as Red Arrow is a clone made by the Light. Roy in the last episode was being called off with the other Super in the frozen tubes made by Lux. I am hoping as that is there clone Roy, Artem…

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