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  • Ratrangerm

    In looking at some of the unanswered questions from Season Two, I believe a few may have been answered. Along with those, I thought I'd share some theories on other unanswered questions.

    On the few I believe have been answered, figured it was better to do this in a blog post rather than on the episode talk pages (since it contains some speculation and I wanted to get the feel of how many people agree with me about what questions may have been answered).

    Happy New Year: Who hired Lobo? -- I believe this question was answered in Alienated, in which the Kroloteans discussed how their work had been exposed. One of them said it was the work of the Competitor (the Reach) and asked "Who else hired the Main Man to expose us?" And Lobo has been ident…

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  • Ratrangerm

    YJ: Future in DVDs?

    January 31, 2013 by Ratrangerm

    I know that Young Justice has done well in DVD sales and that DVDs tend to be popular among the older audience that YJ appeals to. So I had a thought about how the series might continue and wanted to share it, mostly to find out if it might be feasible.

    I would imagine that they would put out a DVD with the rest of the Season 2 episodes, but what if it was possible to continue putting episodes on DVDs?

    Here's my thought: Future "seasons" of YJ would be simply released directly to DVD... perhaps in a format with four 45-minute episodes (totalling three hours on a DVD) or six 25-minute episodes (a little less than three hours). The episodes would also be made available through iTunes.

    Time Warner would then be able to get the most money out of …

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