Another annoucement for the community, this time directed at more experienced users, who use Sandboxes. If you aren't sure what a sandbox is, you can ask me on my talk page.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I currently have two sandboxes, one was for playing with images, and links. The second is for my own project, remaking the Young Justice page from scratch, and the sandbox served as a good place to play around with colourising tables.

Anyway, I started putting tables at the top of my sandboxes, with a notice reading "This is Will94's Sandbox A, do not edit here", but the endless linking got to me, so I though I'd make a template for the benefit of myself, and for the organisation of those who also like to have sandboxes. It is called Template:Userspace navigation

And once the template is filled out, you get this!!

This is Will94's Sandbox A. Please do not edit here.

Will94 | Talk | Sandbox A | Sandbox B

There are a few little bugs to work out, but for now, I am rather pleased with myself!! The template is simple, and easy to use! Any questions regarding the template, please ask me here or on my talk page!! Will94

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