One of Wikia's more recent features, Chat, is becoming more and more used by you editors, and it's fantastic to see you're all gelling together so well. But as most of you will know, Chat is more than often, very glitchy, and there are quite a few issues concerning the feature. So I'm currently in a position to offer you something new to the wiki on behalf of Thailog.

It's called, IRC. That is, Internet Relay Chat. IRC is another method of instant text communication that has been around since 1988, and is also used on many wikis, such as Avatar Wiki, The Hunger Games Wiki, and the Harry Potter Wiki to name but a few.

Using it is easy! To join the chatroom, go to our access page and choose a nickname, then insert the pictured words, and voila! You're on! There are also several fun commands you can use whilst in the #wikia-youngjustice chatroom, which myself, and Thailog will be more than happy to teach you.

Come join me in the IRC Chatroom now! I'll be there for around an hour, to teach anyone how to pull the ropes if need be.

See you soon!

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