Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman has issued a production update on the series and its companion comic book and video game.

SEASON ONE of YOUNG JUSTICE has aired multiple times by now.


  • Episodes 201-207 have already aired. 207 airs again this weekend, and then new episodes begin airing on Saturday morning September 29th as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block.
  • Episodes 208-218 are all in the can. Finished. Done. Ready to air.
  • Episode 219 is back here in Burbank, and we'll be calling retakes and locking picture this week.
  • Episode 220 is due in from Moi late this week. That's right; we're really in the homestretch on Season Two now.


  • Issues #0-19 have all hit the stands and are available at comic shops or online.
  • Issue #20 hits the stands this week. It's the start of a six-part story that is BIG. REALLY BIG. It updates the book, bringing in our Season Two cast, and is set one month prior to the start of Season Two with flashbacks to a couple untold - or only hinted at - tales from the Season One era, plus, by the end of the six-parter, a little story from immediately after Season One. Christopher Jones is just doing some stellar work on the book. And I'm pretty proud of the story and script, if I do say so myself.
  • Issue #21 is being colored by Zac Atkinson as we speak.
  • Issue #22 is being pencilled by Chris.
  • Issues #23 & #24 are both fully scripted and waiting.
  • Issue #25 is plotted. I'll be starting on the script tonight.

As always, you don't have to read the comic to enjoy the t.v. series or vice versa. But you get more out of BOTH if you watch/read both.


Young Justice: Legacy seems to be proceeding apace. I've done a bit of polishing on some of the dialogue to make sure it's consistent with the show.

If all goes according to plan on Cartoon Network's end, we should get the remaining episodes of Young Justice: Invasion without interruption. That's right; no more hiatuses!

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