I'm starting to wonder what Godfrey's position in the show is. For those that do not know Darkseid used Godfrey as a way to slander the super-heroes and make them seem less good to the people, so that when Darkseid came the people would be more willing to submit to Darkseid's rule. Seeing that Godfrey is saying that super heroes such as the Justice League are bad and do not trust the people, I am seeing three possible positions for Godfrey.

  1. He holds the same positions as in the comics as he is a servant of Darkseid
  2. He holds the same position just for the reach, seeing that he supported the way the Reach came forward in 'Before the Dawn'
  3. Or he has nothing to do with aliens and just does not believe that heroes are a good idea, like in JL: the animated series

I had not seen this discussed somewhere and I was curious what you guys thought.

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