Gorilla Warfare closes the story from the last issue, setting us up for the jump to Invasion in the next issue.

Lots of new characters in this one, and some origins (or at least backstory) for Brain and Ultra-Humanite.
It seems Martian Manhunter isn't the only one who sees M'gann's power.
Miss Martian is right, those baby gorillas are adorable.
Some not-so-subtle hints that Grodd is going to be bad news. Wonder how much of that we'll see?
I have no idea who Congorilla is, so I don't get the significance of his parts. I need to do some research there.
I really liked this issue - it was worth the slightly boring set-up - but I'm already chomping at the bit for the next issue. Hopefully they don't pussyfoot around, recapping what we've already learned about the time jump, and get straight to the meat.

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