Monkey Business opens up a new story.

It's nice to meet a couple of new characters and see a bit more of Ultra-Humanite, especially since I have next-to-no knowledge of the comics background of these guys.
The recap at the beginning seemed unnecessarily long. I can only assume the events of Terrors and Homefront will be referenced in the next issue, but they seem totally redundant so far.
I wasn't feeling the pre-battle Team chatter either, though it was nice to see Artemis' there one moment, gone the next crush on Superboy addressed again.
The issue is also tainted by the recycling of the title "Monkey Business", also used for issue 2. There were so many perfectly acceptable potential titles in the solicitation, cover and the last issue - Gorillas In Our Midst, Gorillas Attack, Gorilla City - it's hard to imagine why they felt they had to reuse it. Unless it was an oversight, which is just sloppy.
All that said, I think they've set up for a good pay-off and I'm very much looking forward to the next issue.

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