Spoilers within if you haven't caught up to Complications. You've been warned...

I got to thinking about how many people are in on Nightwing and Aqualad's plan. Let's just start a list...

Nightwing and Kaldur started the plan. They brought in Artemis and Wally later, in Depths. M'gann found out when she wiped Kaldur's brain in Before the Dawn. She then (I'm assuming) told Conner during their 'talk' in Cornered. In The Fix, Psimon finds out when he reads Artemis/Tigress's mind. If Conner didn't find out from Miss M, he and Lagoon Boy were told by Nightwing in The Fix. Then in Complications, Miss Martian had to tell Cheshire and Sportsmaster to keep them from killing Aqualad. And then at the end, Cheshire tells Paula Crock. So within eleven episodes (Depths to Complications), the circle of confidants has grown from two to eleven. However, Psimon doesn't really count, cause he's comatose. That's still eight more people who could slip and blow Kaldur and Artemis's cover.

So what do you think is going to happen? Do you think someone's gonna slip and screw the whole plan up? Who do you think it would be? Do you think everything will work out okay? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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