Alright Beetles desgination was B22

so 13 members joined

Nightwing B01

Aqualad B02

Kid Flash B03

Superboy B04

Miss Martian B05

Speedy/Red Arrow B06

Artemis B07

Zatanna B08(she joined the team A03 shouldn't be her desgination before 2016)

Rocket B09



Lagoon Boy



Bumblebee B17

Beast Boy B19

Robin B20

Blue Beetle B22

, B16 , B18 , B21 are Batgirl , Wonder Girl , Lagoon Boy . (not exactly in that order)

Mal is not considered a team member apparently so I know the blog says 3 but it's four

So who do you think the 5 unknown members are? Unless Jason Todd was one of the members I don't think any of them r dead. I'm thinking at least one is Static either or he'll join the team later

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