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    October 13, 2012 by PokemonmasterZ98

    why did Cartoonetwork do this?

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  • PokemonmasterZ98

    Alright in the Salvage discussion I discovered many peopke believe that Lian maybe a robot or krolotean in disquise. I made this blog so we don't clutter up the Salvage Discussion thread.

    Clues so far


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  • PokemonmasterZ98

    Well Greg confirmed that if a season 3 is made then we'll get a time jump

    I'm thinking by then

    The original members have all joined the league

    Superboy is cured of his inability to visibly age

    Miss Martian and Superboy get back together

    Manta goes back to Aqualad and make amends wih Aquaman

    Miss Martian stops turning people into vegetables

    Wally and Artemis get married

    the real Roy is found

    Tim Drake is now the leader of the team which consists  : of him , beastboy , beetle , possibly the aqua baby , arrowette , impulse , and more

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  • PokemonmasterZ98

    Alright Beetles desgination was B22

    so 13 members joined

    Nightwing B01

    Aqualad B02

    Kid Flash B03

    Superboy B04

    Miss Martian B05

    Speedy/Red Arrow B06

    Artemis B07

    Zatanna B08(she joined the team A03 shouldn't be her desgination before 2016)

    Rocket B09



    Lagoon Boy



    Bumblebee B17

    Beast Boy B19

    Robin B20

    Blue Beetle B22

    , B16 , B18 , B21 are Batgirl , Wonder Girl , Lagoon Boy . (not exactly in that order)

    Mal is not considered a team member apparently so I know the blog says 3 but it's four

    So who do you think the 5 unknown members are? Unless Jason Todd was one of the members I don't think any of them r dead. I'm thinking at least one is Static either or he'll join the team later

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  • PokemonmasterZ98

    It's been confirmed the first 6 characters are the 6 first regulars of the team . I believe since Rocket , Red Arrow and Zatanna have been apart of the team they'll be playable as well. It's coming in 2013 So Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy could be options. And the 12th could be Wonder Girl. I believe 7 villains could possibly be the light. While the remaining 5 could be Sports Master , Cheshire , Harm , Worton , and Joker.

    H1: Robin

    H2: Aqualad

    H3. Kid Flash

    H4: Superboy

    H5: Miss Martian

    H6: Artemis







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