What if the next episode of season 2 would be told through a certain wolf's Point-Of-View?

Think about it, what if the Space Canine Patrol Agents, Krypto, or Ace the Bat-Hound exist in Earth-16?

What if Streaky the Supercat also exist in Earth-16?

What if they found a Krolotean base filled with the population of Gotham City under Miami?

What if the main villians will be either the Phanty-Cats, Aqualad, or Vandal Savage, and the minor eneimes were Kroloteans?

In a first for the series, if Greg Weisman can agree, what if the animals can speak human language?

Can the creators keep the Animal Character designs from Krypto the Superdog for Young Justice: Invasion?

What if, If Greg can agree, the dogs and cats were anthropomorphic?

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