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    Future Young Justice members

    August 22, 2011 by Oyaya

    As we all know......well most of us , that the animeted series isn't 100% true to the comics and the includes the team roster. But am assuming that they changed the roster because of the backrounds that tied these young heroes togather , the whole sidkick thing . But what am hoping for is that if and when the team expands they don't follow the "you must be a sidkick to join the club " trend , and with that here who i think might be introduced in future epsiodes and seasons

    1.Wonder girl , i don't see how she could not be introduced in the series as she was a founding member and just happens to be .....not sidkick or protege.....but inspired by wonder woman . so i think soon or later we will get to see her i don't know if we'll see her in a …

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